Youth and Family

Let’s figure it out together

Our team understands that life is never black and white, and that everyone’s situation is different. While things can seem complicated, there is always a way forward.

We are there for young people who are:

  • finding school tough
  • homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • in an unstable family situation
  • living independently but struggling
  • wanting to access education
  • living with mental illness or a disability

Our youth and family services are staffed by dedicated Youth Case Managers, ready to listen and experienced in responding to a range of circumstances. They can help young people make sense of what is going on and break through so they can build the future they dream of.

Our services vary from location to location. They may include:

  • youth counselling and case management
  • family unit mediation
  • emotional and social support
  • group and one-on-one development programs
  • parenting education and skills
  • referrals to specialist supports, including teenage housing assistance
  • help to develop everyday life skills

We also work with families and carers to assist with communication and dealing with conflict; supporting the entire family to stay connected.

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There is always a way forward. And we can help you find it.